Norma Denham & Associates | Services
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Fundraising and Consulting for Political Campaigns

Norma Denham & Associates specializes in the development and implementation of a comprehensive fundraising plan, using both direct mail and online strategies and schedules for every client. By establishing fundraising goals, timelines, and budgets, we are able to advance current development programs and provide a strong base of networks that cultivate strategic partnerships. Furthermore, our team will confidentially review, maintain, and expand the client’s existing contributor database, a crucial component in each political candidacy. We organize the production of all marketing materials, track all incoming revenue, and offer strong relationships to build rapport with donors following fundraising events to ensure the maximum success of the client.


Corporate and Organization Event Coordination

Norma Denham & Associates also specializes in the management and coordination of corporate and organization events. Our skilled team will begin by providing a monthly timeline from event conception to completion, create and manage all promotional and marketing materials, and act as a point of contact for day-to- day inquiries. Additionally, we will assist in the selection of the host and keynote speaker for the event. Our team will communicate directly with vendors to request proposals, negotiate prices, and serve as the liaison to all other parties involved with the event to ensure a positive experience for every attendee.