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Achieving fundraising success demands a daily level of energy that supports and encourages a positive outcome. I strive to be bring that high-energy every day and make it contagious. -Norma Denham
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Norma Denham & Associates

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Norma Denham & Associates

Our Services

Fundraising and Consulting for Political Campaigns

We specialize in the development and implementation of a comprehensive fundraising plan, using both direct mail and online strategies and schedules for every political candidate.

Corporate and Organization Event Coordination

Our team of experts is trained and effective in the management and coordination of corporate and organization events, and will serve as a liaison to all parties involved with the event.

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Norma Denham
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Norma Denham
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@AprilAncira This was so true!! And even after having power back on now I jumped when TV went black during commerci…
Norma Denham
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RT @BexarCounty: 🎉Judge Peter Sakai has recently been recognized by the national Casey Family Programs, Seattle, WA with the Casey Excellen…